Three Taverns Church

What will your children find in you?


There is pain coming for our children. Their innocence will be taken from them; some slowly, others in a violent rush. The question then becomes: Will they become defeated shells of men and women, or will they rise above disappointment, hurt, and broken dreams to claim their rightful place as children of God?

I believe the answer to this question lies with us, their parents. As your children are awakened to the realities of life they will look to you for guidance on how to respond. When they turn to you, will they find an angry husk or a joyful being? A hobbling existence weighed down by fears and addictions or a blazing example of radiant life that shouts forth victory from the darkness?

What will your children find in you?

2 thoughts on “What will your children find in you?

  1. Powerful post. It got me thinking. I hope it does the same for others. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Kristin, I appreciate the sentiment. I still struggle with these kinds of questions myself, but every day I hope that I’m moving closer to the picture of who I want to be. Like you said, I just hope the post gets other people thinking…that’s where all change begins.

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