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How We Made Our Marriage Better – Part 3: We got educated


A few years ago while living in Hawaii and looking for work I gained quite a bit of weight. In an effort to change my life I started reading about fitness and nutrition. A few years before that I went back to school to earn an MBA after four years in the Air Force because I wanted to be competitive in the job market. And many years before that I went to school to earn a bachelor’s degree because I wanted a good career and good pay.

I recognized the need for learning to improve my career and health, but it took me a long time to realize that an education for a better marriage would work, too. Have you made the same mistake of assuming that unlike the rest of your life, your marriage will magically improve without education, training, and work?

One of the best decisions my wife and I made last year was to attend a Love & Respect seminar at our church. We both learned valuable tools there that make our marriage work better on a daily basis. Occasionally I flip through the course workbook to refresh my memory on the things I need to do to improve our marriage.

Love & Respect isn’t the only option out there for you; there are hundreds of options for you to learn and grow as a member of a committed relationship. Most churches offer discussion groups and seminars on topics like Love & Respect or Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage. Secular organizations also offer a wide variety of opportunities to get educated. Remember: Both of you need to attend. If you haven’t been to a marriage-improvement class in a while (or ever!) I challenge you to sign up for one this week. It will benefit your marriage tremendously.

Which courses and seminars have you found helpful in your marriage?

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2 thoughts on “How We Made Our Marriage Better – Part 3: We got educated

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much marriage material I’ve read over the past 6 months 🙂 Another good post.

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