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The 4 “Acceptable” Sins Of The Church – New Series Starts Tomorrow!

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I’ll be starting a new series tomorrow titled “The 4 ‘Acceptable’ Sins Of The Church”. Pornography  is an obvious and ‘unacceptable’ sin in the church, & on the rare occasions when pornography is the subject of a sermon its users are usually scorned and condemned rather than offerred grace. Why is it that our post-modern church is so willing to call out some ‘sinners’ but turn a blind eye to (or encourage?) other behaviors that Jesus and Scripture clearly call out as sinful? I’ll explore the church’s treatment of the following subjects:

1. Gluttony

2. Legal Substance Addiction

3. Gossip

4. Greed

I look forward to a lively discussion with this series! See you tomorrow.

Rabid Mongoose

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